The Past, the Present, and the Future

"What was a dream yesterday becomes a reality today and then becomes a memory tomorrow"-Anonymous.

It's been a decade since I completed my Tenth standard, Eight years since I left School, and 5 years since I graduated. Time seems to have passed off so fast. When I visit my old neighbourhood (Ice House), I can just feel my mind wandering over to the bittersweet moments that happened in the past.

How can I forget these memories?

The wonderful cricket matches that I played along with my friends at Angamuthu street, Williams Ground, and the Marina Beach.

My wonderful street gang: Umashankar, Arun, Shahul, Gopi, Gopi M, Babu, GT, and others.

My wonderful friends at Hindu Hr Sec School (Muthu, Gopi, Hari, Visu S and Visu R, Karthick, Gururaj, Sridhar, Venky, and Yuvraj!), playing cricket during lunch intervals at our School ground! Guys, do you remember how we stopped playing cricket after our PT master flogged our arses with his 5 foot cane. Boy, how we hated him for that!!

The financial losses that my dad's restaurant went through! Those dark days where I had to sit in my restaurant all day wondering when our business will prosper, the days where we couldn't answer our moneylenders :( The humiliation we had to go through.

The water scarcity that forced me to cycle nearly 3 kms everyday in search of water, and fetch 6 pots of water using my cycle. Man! Trying to fetch water from the pumps sure made me lose lot of weight and made my hand muscles strong!! :D

The beautiful Vinayagar temple opposite to Mirsahibpet, the Amman temple in Balaji Nagar, and the Narasimha Sannadhi in Parthasarathy Temple! :) These were the only places which offered me hope in times of despair!

I would list a lot more, but guess what, some good times seldom return!

I know that someone may be reading this and wondering what's so special? Well, somethings are special for no reason! I cherish these memories for only one reason, they made my past bitter, sweet, and beautiful!

It's sad to think how Life changes for the Better/Worse. Ten years ago, I had just fifty rupees in my purse and still I felt like a Billionaire. Today, I have nearly 500 times more money and yet I feel like a beggar! Guess that's LIFE for ya!

Maybe it's because I have ceased to be the sentimental idiot that I once used to be! Or is it because that SHE's now gone from my life! Whatever it is, LIFE HAS CHANGED AND I NEED TO MOVE ON. (An apt ending for such an aimless post)

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At 9:40 PM, Blogger Aparna said...

yes... it is true time really flies.. we have only our memories to look forward to... but these memories will help us make better choices for our future...from what i know about you, whatever unpleasant memories you might have had has made you into a better human being now.. so cherish them...

wishing you a very happy successful days!!




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