There is a saying, “The only thing that never changes is change itself”, but there is one thing that stays for eternity other than change. That is Time. What a contradiction, when you think of the concept called Time, we realize that it is man-made. But Man didn’t discover or invent time; he just coined a term for it. Time is not god, but it is equal to god, it is omnipresent, but we can’t feel it, see it, hear it or even understand it. Even the greatest saints and philosophers have failed to give a proper definition of time.

Let’s take a simple example: in Earth, we say that one year is equal to 365 day, 6 hours and 25 minutes approx, but a year, in a planet such as Jupiter, is actually equivalent to 12 years on Earth. SO what does the term” Year” exactly mean? Should we take the Earth year as a standard or should we decide that one year is the time taken by a planet to go around the Sun??????? Is time a standard or is it a variative?

We stupid humans think that we have understood time by just coining terms like Past, Present, Future, AM, PM, AD, and BC. But what we never realize is that all these terms are relative. What we call present today is Past tomorrow, what we call yesterday was actually Today a day before. SO are we right, have we understood Time.

The greatest scientist of all time, Albert Einstein once explained the time dilation principle by saying “A man sits with a beautiful girl for over an hour, but it seems like a minute to him. But when the same man is made to sit on an oven, even for a minute, it seems like an hour”. The example is self-explanatory; Einstein tried to prove the variance of time by a simple concept. If you try to go deeper into the concept of time and try to explain it, you are more likely to get more questions than answers.

This article, or piece of stuff, or whatever you call it, is just an attempt to write creative things. I hope that I can write much better articles in future.


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