Just want to say something

There are a lot of things that I want to blog about. The main things that i want to say are these:
I miss my friends at Triplicane. I miss playing beach cricket on Saturdays.
I miss her, i want to meet her at least this year, Speak with her, tell her about how i miss her a lot and how i never want to leave her again.
I miss my cousins Madhav and Harish a lot. I am glad that i would be seeing them after two years when i travel to Karnataka during May.

It's been 2 years since i finished my graduation and these two years have taught me many things in life. Until i finished my college, my mindset was similar to that of a daydreamer. Now, i think that i have matured and i reside more in reality than in dreams. These two years have taught me many things.

They have taught me:
To Believe in myself
Not to Depend on anybody for my happiness.
To Dream big and Work hard to achieve it.
To Ignore Idiots who question my abilities, but are no good themselves.
To Take Criticism in a positive way.
Not to Build Castles in the air.
Not to Underestimate others.
To Respect others.
That I need to be rich and talented if i am to be respected.
Enjoy each moment of my life and never to compromise on my happiness.

The best thing about my professional life is that i am now independant since i earn. I have cherished many things that i have bought for myself, my mom, and my family.
Just a month before, we brought a new Philips TV and DVD. Well. i pray that this is just the beginning of a good phase in my life. I want to earn more and buy many things such as Air Cooler, Bike, Vaccum Cleaner, House etc. Until then let me work smart and plan my life accordingly.

Note: Hi friends, sorry for not posting anything for a long time. I was a bit busy with my cricket blog.

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At 3:11 PM, Blogger Anooja said...

That I need to be rich and talented ... dosent read good.

One needs to be a good human being, who is driven and directed by his conscience and morals.

At 3:19 PM, Blogger Aswin Kini said...

Yes i agree!But i sincerely feel that no matter how good you are, this society tends to ignore you only if you have money and status.

Coming to the point that one needs to be driven by his conscience and morals, i agree with you completely. Thanks Anooja


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