I am Past????

It pains to know,
that you're a thing of the past.

The people you loved,
seem, all but, lost.

Wasn't this the same place,
where we spent many moments of joy?

Those crazy arguments and fun-filled moments,
loved them as they passed by.

But today when I turn back and look around,
I see nothing but loneliness.

Pains to see that you've left me aside,
like the bee, which leaves the flower,
after sucking all the honey.

Today, I saw you go past me,
as I was never there,
as if you never knew,
as if , to you, I never existed.

Is it purely because you found a better companion,
or is it just that I am a thing of the past.

Whatever you think,
wherever you go,
just remember that
you once had friend who,
loved you more than his beloved,
who cared for you more than himself,
who was your best pal.

But all I can do is now,
think of you,
fold my hands and pray to the almighty,
"Oh god, please let her live longer and happier than thee."


At 8:27 PM, Blogger Vaish said...

nice one aswin...

At 2:50 PM, Blogger Aswin Kini said...

Thank you Anu:-)


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