Adieu to Expertus

Yesterday (December 22nd, 2006) was a special day for me. I had resigned my job at Expertus, where i had worked for the past 11 months.
You might wonder what is so great about it. But, for me, this was a special moment since Expertus gave me many things that i had for the first time in my life.
1) This was my first job as Instructional Designer.
2) For the very first time, i got a starting salary of above 7000
3) I went on a trip to TTDC in Mahabalipuram with my office friends, it was one of the most wonderfull trips in my life.Gopakumar,Gowri, Ashwini, Richeek, Sreeram, Akilan, Senthil, and Sudarsan, & Devika for giving me a great experience.
4) During my very short tenure, i met many friends: Dafne, Sanjana, Abhilash, Harishankar, Sandeep, Sanchali, Madhubala, Aravind, Girish, Bala and so, on. Each of them were totally different in character, but very professional at work.
6) I owned a mobile phone for the first time.
7) I went to official parties held at resorts; prior to this, i never had even been to a resort.
8) Most valuable thing was that i discovered that i too had some talent.

I can never forget Expertus;mostly for the reason that it gave me a job during the most difficult time of my life. The job not only gave me money, but showed me a glimpse of the path that i must travel. I was fortunate to have many mentors who have guided me and helped me a lot, bith personally and professionally. I thank all of my friends, to name a few: Senthil, Sudarsan,Akilan, Ashwini, Abhilash, Sanjana, Hari, Uma, and Richeek for their help and guidance.

I just hope that my new company would give me a better experience.


At 10:33 AM, Blogger abhilash warrier said...

Hi aswin,

I am glad to hear that you have left Expertus. I think it was a wise decision.

man, which company did you join now? you still an ID?

and is hari still at expertus?

you can mail me at abhilash.warrier@brainvisa.com
for faster replies.

At 10:26 PM, Blogger Aswin said...

Hi Abhi, thanks for the comment. I have joined Element K as an Instructional Designer. I hope that i learn a lot about Instructional Design from this company.

Hari is still in Expertus.

At 3:53 PM, Blogger Eroteme said...

Hi Aswin,
Wish you the best in your new company. Hope it turns out to be a wonderful place... Wish you a happy new year too...

At 2:51 PM, Blogger Aswin said...

Thanks a lot! Eroteme

At 8:07 PM, Blogger Lavanya said...

All the best for ur new job!! Hey is expertus the one in Capital towers...N'bkm??

At 9:52 AM, Blogger Aswin said...

Hi Lavanya, thanks for the wishes.
I was actually working at Expertus Infotech, which is located at Taylors road, in Kilpauk. The one that you mentioned (in Nungambakkam) is infact Expertus HR, which also belongs to the Expertus group. Now I am at Element K in Guindy.



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