Where do i stand???????

Years seem to be passing by, i am already 24 and yet, i have achieved nothing notable.
Untill i was 20, i failed to realise that every person is born on earth for a purpose. Only when i saw my brother who had recently become a senior manager in an INDIAN MNC, did i realise that i had done nothing notable.

My bro is a Diploma holder. 7 years ago, he found it hard to get a decent job, but today he is in a high designation probably earning even a lakh per month.
His achievements speak of dedication and hard work. Considering the fact that he came to Bangalore with nothing, except for guts, discipline, and an everlasting dedication. He has moved on from being a TRAINEE to a Senior Manager. Seeing him, i feel proud of him, but no so proud of myself.

I was never a focussed person. It's because of my lack of focus that i couldn't achieve certain things that i was supposed to. This aspect has been haunting me ever since. Whenever i see any friend, relative, or collegue, my mind automatically tends to remind me of their reputation and achievements and tell me that where i stand, when compared to them.

Am i just imagining things, or is it my conscience that is telling me to wake up and start performing. Was i just born to be yet another human being who just lives a normal life and dies one day. Like all human beings, i have some talents and maybe even extra. Maybe i should just start utilizing it.

As a kid, i wanted to excel in academics. I was good at all subjects, except for Mathematics in which i had very limited knowledge. I was found wanting in terms of marks in Mathematics. My maths teacher even labelled me a dumbard, i considered his comments unworthy because i knew that ALZEBRA, TRIGNOMENTRY, and CALCULUS, would never be of any use to me. I proved to be right!!! So much for academics!

Maybe my maths teacher failed to realize that the most important part of education was utilizing it in real life. In real life situations, you need to ensure that you know the concepts of Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Statistics etc, I AM DAMN good at these things. It's unfortunate that these were never considered.

Real knowledge provides you the skills to survive and achieve things, i am sure that
i have true knowledge, even if my marks picture a different story.

Coming to the extra-curricular activities, my performance has always been good in this aspect. I have won considerable prizes in QUIZ, and essay competitions right from my schooldays. But still, these prizes can never be considered much of an achievement.

I wanted to excel in Sports, but never had the right physique nor did i choose the correct Sport. I have played tennis ball cricket for the past 12 years and even after that, i am still wondering whether i have done achieved anything usefull. I am yet to score a good fifty!!!!

Fortunately, i did participate in a sport called ROWING and did win a prize in an event. But just one victory never counts!

As i step into 2008,i wish that i find out where my true talents lie, and utilize them. Maybe this blogpost will remind me time and again, that i have to fulfill my role and achieve good things. As they say, "A Man is judged by his character, his character is judged my his achievements and the achievement by the circumstances in which they were realised".
Pray that i atleast stop speaking now and start achieving! Afterall, i am supposed to be good at something! Am i right!


At 10:02 PM, Blogger bharat chandran said...

Well, your note seems to be interesting. I think you should have a look at surpetition than competition.

The word competition means ‘seeking together.’ This means accepting that you are running in the same race as your competitors. Your behaviour is quite largely determined by the behaviour of the competitors. Sur/petition means “seeking above” or creating your own race.

So you determine your race and compete with yourself and excel within you and so you will win!


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