An Eventfull induction

These 3 days (23/01/07 to 25/01/07) were very eventfull. I think that this year 2007 may hold many surprises in store for me.

Well, we finally had an induction program on 23rd Jan. The induction was supposedly held for a period of 8 hours which consisted of presentations, which were conducted by Managers from different departments of our organization.

The induction was great as we got to know about the exact roles and responsibilities of each department. I was amazed at the way they had defined the process, seeing it, I am very apprehensive on how i would cope up with it. Anyway only time would tell whether i would shine in this company or not.

After the induction, we were instructed to go to Ma Foi academy to undergo training on Business Etiquette and other Corporate stuff. I was happy to visit Ma Foi after a year. It was here that i got to know about the field of E-learning.

The training was held in different sessions held by Mr. Nelson, Mr George Koshi, and Ms. Preethi. Well, we got an interesting info, Ms Preethi was a not only a trainer, but she was the first trained indian woman pilot. (Hats off to you!!).

Well, the training was all on corporate etiquette, since I am poor at it; i shall mention only the interesting stuff.
When i entered the training room, i had a look at all the people around me. I was particularly fascinated by a girl(Let me call her Ms "T"). "T" had just joined the company. As i looked at "T". She reminded me of BL. "T" had a smile which resembled BL very much. Not only that, "T" also looked similar to BL. I was dumbstruck by "T".
I called BL and told her about T.

BL was happy to know about T.

After sometime i diverted my attention to others. I saw yet another interesting colleague of mine.
She was from Poland. I wondered why she had left her home to come to hot and humid chennai. After asking my colleagues, i realised that she was on internship.

Well, (I shall call her XENA) Xena seemed to be a cool character. Being a foreigner, she didn't have any hassles moving around and mingling with us. Xena was dressed in modern clothes which were pretty decent and she had a very good attitude and a good sense of humor.
When i spoke to her, she even used a few Tamil words like "AAMA (yes)', and "NANRI"(thank you). She seemed to be bold, adventurous, active, and most of all friendly. I liked her courage and i admired her adaptibility.

I also made new friends such as Karkuzhali, Lavanya, Ganesh, Shiva Sankar, Manjula, Preetha, Sai Kothai, and many others.I just wish that i would enjoy my tenure in this company with some good friends.
The session also included games like role plays, we all took part in it and had a great time.

NOTE: This post was written in a hurry and hence may contain several grammar errors.

One more thing, Ms T is not a real character, i just wanted to tease BL, but since my friend thought otherwise; so i have excluded a few things from this post.
Sorry BL, should not have done that.



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