An Unfortunate misadventure

I have had many misadventures in the past due to my carelessness. But this incident stands out due to the immense stress that i experienced.

My manager gave me a very important book and asked me to refer it in case of any doubts. I had planned to take it home and read it. So, i left office and boarded the train to Tambaram from Saidapet. The train was very crowded. So i didn't want the book to be damaged and hence placed it on the shelf near the entrance.
25 minutes passed by, the train neared Chrompet station.

As the training was nearing the Chrompet station, the crowd behind me started to push me out. So once the train reached the station. I got down and walked away quickly to avoid the crowd without realising my folly.

I suddenly remembered that i had left the book in the train. When i turned around, i saw the Train leaving the station.

I started panicking as i had lost the book. I waited for the next train. As my luck would have it, the next train came immediately, but it was the train to Tirumalpur( A place 50+ Kms away from Tamabaram).
I boarded the train and it reached Platform no 9 at Tambaram.I realized that the train which in which i had placed the book was about to start.

I was now desperate, and ran like a hare among the crowd to reach Platform no 1. The train had already started to speed up. I made a desperate dive only to enter and fall into the compartment losing my balance. I escaped with no injuries, although i sprained my ankle a bit.

The other passengers shouted at me for doing this, i explained my situation to them. One of them told me that the the original train in which i had misplaced the book had been sent to the Train shed for maintainence. I realized that i was travelling in the wrong train

I was relieved to hear that the train no XXXC would leave from the shed only in the morning. So, i got down at Tambaram Sanatorium,called my manager informed him about the situation, and boarded the next train to Tambaram and met the station master.

The station master was a good guy, he asked me to go to the EMU train shed and try to locate the book. I walked down the track to reach the shed. On the way, i met the driver of the jinxed train, i told him everything. The driver looked at me and handed over the manual. He advised me to be carefull and check all my belongings before alighting from EMU train.

I was mighty relieved and thanked the driver, he was honest enough not to ask a single pie for the favor. I left the station vowing never to be careless again. I thanked god, the station master, and the driver, for helping me.

I shuddered to think what would have happened if the train had not gone to the shed and instead had gone to the Beach station(Which is 27 kms away). It would have been impossible to locate the book. So instead of reaching home relaxedly at 7:30 pm, i ended up rushing home at 9:30 pm because of 10 seconds of carelessness.

I guess that in life,we commit grave mistakes, but miracles do happen to save us.



At 2:25 PM, Blogger mahesh said...

What would our lives be without such misadventures? A dull monotony with mechanised actions, I guess you learnt an important lesson. Listen to what your elders say(me):) just joking. Never travel by footboard, if you would have stood inside, you would have kept the book in your hand and not misplaced it. Thank God for the honest driver and helpful station master.

At 12:04 PM, Blogger abhilash warrier said...

man, you forgot to write how you dove into the train...

At 12:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Hare, Beta, dude, in the future, please avoid essay writing.


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